Tyberg Apache Chief 2CCs 1RCC



Boxella’s Chief at Zenmaxkay (Import)



Belgian and German Champion Xanthos V Bereler Ries

Europa Jugend.Klub Sieger
 Bruno V Morsbach

Queen V Bereler Ries

Netherlands Champion Anouck v Wanda’s Home

Netherlands Atibox International Champion Bandelero

Agnes Wanda V Assenstein

Tonantron Welsh Glory at Tyberg

Champion Tonantron Comanchero

Champion True Glory

Tonantron Prize Doll

Tonantron Solo Glory


Champion True Glory

Tonantron Belladora


Bucks Fizz



Champion Boxken Bottle a Beer JW



CH / Irish Champion Blueprint Beer n Skittles at Walkon  (Import)

Jenroy Pop Back to Walkon

Australian Grand Champion Walkon Skittles

Rojastle Kind A Magic for Boxken 1CC

NZ & Australian Champion Cheers for Carinya

Graymere Midnight Runner at Rojastle

Idleforde Winona at Tyberg


Tyberg Apache Chief

2 CCs 1RCC

Boxella’s Chief at Zenmaxkay (Import)

Tonantron Welsh Glory at Tyberg



Boxella’s Chief at Zenmaxkay (Import)

Idleforde Midnight Dream

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